A very traditional type of driveway is block paving and it is found in most homes. Over the years this type of paving has created a reputation around home owners regarding its strength and durability. It is something that lasts very long and you can look forward to parking your vehicles on this type of driveway for many years.

Block paving can be a very tricky process but we try to complete it as soon as possible. We always try to keep inconvenience at a low, because we know that your property is your own. There are many advantages to block paving and we try to show these to our clients when we do our quotes. With block paving you will be able to create a parking area for your vehicles that fit in with the home, whatever its style may be. It is an extremely flexible way of paving.


Block Paving Driveways

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The problem with many traditional block paving driveways is that it tends to become boring or monotonous. Not a lot of companies change and evolve with the times. However, with us you get to choose the type of block paving that you want to have laid on your driveway, and you can customise it any which way you want to. We offer you a choice on the colour of the blocks we stock, the size of the blocks, the type of pattern on the blocks, and even permeable options for those who wish to have it installed. Some of our styles are more contemporary than others, but we also make sure that we keep traditional designs on hand for those who appreciate timelessness.