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Turfing & Lawns

Turfing and lawns are an important aspect of British culture, with many people preferring to buy or rent their own homes in the countryside. Lawn care is a big job for anyone who has one, but fortunately, there are some ways that you can cut down on your workload without sacrificing quality. In this blog post, we'll be discussing: what turf is, how to lay turf, tips for choosing appropriate lawn equipment, which types of turfing exist, and when they're used at home.

Turf layers Essex

Turf layers are the roots of grass that have been grown and harvested to be used for sporting surfaces, such as golf courses. They can also be laid on top of clay or concrete foundations to maintain a natural look without worrying about mowing it all year round. Whilst these types of turfs might not seem like an option if you don't own your own home with enough space, some people rent out houses where they know there is lawn, so this would make them perfect tenants.

This type of turf installation will require at least two days worth of work from yourself and friends who already have experience laying turf because it's pretty complicated due to its weight. Especially when compared against other artificial materials such as rubber which has a much lower weight. Obtaining help from professionals might make the load far easier in just about every aspect.

When to lay turf

The best time to lay turf is in the spring when the ground has thawed, and you can get down without having to worry about sinking into it. This will allow for better drainage because there's more space between individual pieces of soil, which, in turn, means that your lawn will be less likely to become waterlogged during a rainstorm or after periods of heavy watering.

There are many different types of turfs available on the market these days, so choosing one might not always be an easy decision but before we go through them all, let's talk about cost first. This is often what most people think about right away and why they're considering buying new turf rather than just repairing their old one. Just remember that quality should never be compromised, which is why you should choose a turf that suits the condition of your lawn and not just go for one because it's cheap.

Artificial grass Essex

Artificial grass is a relatively new material specially designed to imitate the natural look of real grass. It can be used both inside and outside, even in areas where it would usually be impossible for lawns to grow because they're too shady or there are no nearby sources of water available (which means you'll need your sprinkler system).

Many gardeners will agree the convenience of artificial grass is that this type of lawn needs very little upkeep and doesn't require any mowing whatsoever. This does free up some time but makes sure that you have enough money set aside to stay looking as good as possible without expensive repairs being required on an annual basis. Whilst these types of turfs might not.

Artificial grass types

Artificial grass can be classified in two ways: either as a short pile or a long pile. Short-pile is the more popular choice because it's cheaper and easier to maintain, which means your gardening budget won't have to stretch quite so far. Long-pile artificial grasses are less common, but they're preferred by those with a high maintenance lifestyle - those who like their lawns looking immaculate for months on end without any wear and tear whatsoever.

Neither of these types would require you to mow them at all, and both could be installed within just one day if there's enough help available from friends or professionals. Sometimes, homeowners might need an extra hand when handling such heavy items (after all, some pieces of turf can weigh up to 70kg).

Thickness and quality finish

There is a vast range of artificial grasses to choose from out there, so, unfortunately, you can't just say that one type is better than the other because it's down to personal preference, which has been discussed previously. So the only things left for us to discuss now are thickness and quality, as these factors affect the price too.

Thicker turf will cost more, but this doesn't mean that it'll last any longer; frequently, thinner ones might be cheaper in the long-term (saving you money in the process) if they're made from high-quality materials with a strong backing - such products should never start peeling off after installation or even begin deteriorating over time. When looking at how thick your new lawn needs to.

Turf installation is a relatively new practice that's become hugely popular in the past few years and is seen as a viable alternative to other types of artificial lawns. So why keep on spending such vigorous hours maintaining your lawn? Simply visit All Seasons Landscaping and get your yard remodelled today.


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